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At RICO’S BIO-ENERGY We are transforming body, mind, and spirit . Our state of the art BIO-ENERGY WRISTBANDS are like no other. Our research and technology are only a few of the things that make BIO-ENERGY WRISTBANDS so unique. Clients wearing our stylish wristbands have reported improved:BALANCE—-STRENGTH—-FLEXIBILTY—-PAIN RELIEF—-SLEEP—-RECOVERY—-MOTION SICKNESS—-AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!

***We offer a wide range of wristbands and can specialize the bands for unique fields: FIREMAN—-POLICE—-COLLEGE—-CANCER AWARENESS—-MMA—-NBA—-SPORTS—-ECT. Professionally designed to target your unique needs.


As with all mechanisms of such fantastically complex design, it relies on a synergy- or a balanced partnership among its parts in order to operate to full potential. At RICOS BIO-ENERGY, it is our goal to help you UNLEASH your body’s full potential by helping enforce your natural synergy. RICOS BIO-ENERGY products contain specialized ingredients that have been shown to fine-tune your body’s natural energy field, INCREASING BLOOD FLOW, RELAXING MUSCLES, and HARMONIZING NATURAL ELECTRO FREQUENCIES.

***RICOS BIO-ENERGY braclets are MINERAL-INFUSED, HOLOGRAPHICALLY-CHARGED silicone infused wristbands worn by amateur athletic enthusiasts, as well as hardcore professional athletes who depend on their body’s performance to survive and suceed. Let us prove to you the revolutionary technology that is enhancing the STRENGTH—-BALANCE—-FOCUS—-AND OVERALL PERFORMANCE OF THOUSANDS!!!!

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3 comments to Welcome To Rico’s Bio Energy

  • admin  says:

    @Kenny – Kenny thanks for such positive feedback!

    “So my wife bought me one of these bands and I’ll admit I was a HUGE skeptic when she tried explaining it. To this day I still think the most amazing thing is how you can literally feel the difference in your body when you forget to wear it one day. Definitely a great product and would recommend it to anyone”

  • Sonny  says:

    I was skeptical too. I’ve been around quite a while, I’m 64…. I stopped for the presentation yesterday at a local show.. and while the balance test thing, didn’t really sway me, even though, he let me do the test on my Friend while she wore it.. I was still skeptical. I was just going to listen and move on.. but I noticed the arthritic pain in my knee was immediately easing. Now, nothing had been mentioned yet about joint pain, so it wasn’t a “hypnotic suggestion” I had limped half way through the show, but after wearing the bracelet I made it with ease. We ended up buying 4. two for us, and one each for my Friends daughter and sister. This morning when I got out of bed the knee stiffness was not there.. while there is some pain still there, it’s 80% completely gone, and it isn’t even 24 hours yet. I am just amazed… This pain has been with me for over 7 months, and now I’m walking almost completely normal….God Bless you guys…..

  • Jenn  says:

    I dint think this bracelet would probably work when I first walked to to listen to a customer talking. He had bought the bracelet the day before, and if he didn’t feel any difference he could return it before the show ended and get his money back. He had come back to say thank you so much to Rico, and Rico jokingly said so did you want me to take it back , and the guy was like NO! and I wouldn’t give it back to you. I had a headache for 15 days from pulling something in my shoulder and neck, so I decided to buy one. Within 1-1 1/hrs my extremely painful headache had reduced my about 70%! The next day even better. I had to pack up from setting up at the show which usually made the pain worse, and Nope, I didn’t feel like I moved any boxes at all. Rico and I traded as I sell Grass Fed Beef (www.RushingRanch.com) and its been about a month & I hadn’t taken my bracelet off till yesterday. My friend got a horrible back spasm while we were outside, so I took my bracelet off and told her to wear it. I’ll post an update when I talk to her.

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